Our Hypnobirthing course covers all the information and practice expectant parents need to prepare fully for their upcoming birthing experience. The 12-hour course split into four sessions (approximately 3 hours each) and also requires practice of the breathing and relaxation techniques at home. It's important for your birth partner to join you on the course as there is a lot that they can do to support you in advance of the birth and during your labour. You will receive a Parent's document of materials in advance of the course which includes a number of relaxation scripts and tips and information about birth. 


Relaxation practises

Learning how to control and release fear

The physiology of birth

The role of the birth partner

Options and choices before and during labour and after birth

Breathing techniques for the early and later stages of labour

Positive visualisations and affirmations

Positions for labour and birth

Positive birth stories

The all-important hormones involved in labour and how we can help them to do their job

Induction and choice

Choices in birth and for the third stage of labour

The golden hour with your baby

Preventing tearing

Breech babies, back to back babies

Cesarean births

Birth environment and pain relief options

Onset of labour

The first, second and third stage of labour

The power of the mind

Building confidence for birth

Much, much more.


Online Course 

We are currently offering our full 12 hour course online via Zoom until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted further. Please get in touch with us at to find out more. 

Course Price 

The full 12 hour Hypnobirthing Course is £150. Payments can be made via bank transfer in installments or as a one payment, but must be paid in full in advance of the first session. 

To Book

Courses are running monthly. You can contact Chloe on 07903 852 670 or via email on to find out upcoming course dates and to book