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Olivia's Birth Story

5th October 2020

Baby Isla

The birth went amazingly!


Completely natural water birth as we had hope for 🥰 The midwives couldn’t believe it was a first birth & how calm I was. Had a long 39 hour labour starting at 3am Sunday but we did 30 hours at home just the two of us, had a bath, listened to the amazing ‘Labour of Love’ playlist Peter made for me, used essential oils, ate when I could, stayed hydrated, breathed and stayed very calm throughout. Then as surges increased to active labour we went to hospital and I wore my headphones to stay in the zone.


When we arrived I was only 2 cm dilated (when I thought I must be 8..!) that was disappointing but again stayed calm and the lining had thinned almost completely so they let us stay in the Carmen Suite as things were moving and the ward was quiet. We were in the birth centre where the midwives were incredible & they ran a bath for me. We had some food and then at 3cm I was in a lot more pain and getting tired as was 35 hours in at that point. We opted for pethidine and was told I could then rest, possibly sleep for 4-5 hours and let my body progress.


However, that didn’t quite happen..! 10 mins after taking the drug my waters broke and I dilated from 3 to 10cm within the hour. Super quick apparently! The pethidine couldn’t help with the pain at that point so they gave me gas and air but I didn’t get on with it and just kept breathing. We then went into the birth pool room, the pool was filling up as the baby was crowning back and forth, all the while I kept breathing through the surges and luckily the pool filled in time. The warm water felt amazing and relieved some pressure. I gave birth to her in the water letting my body slowly bring her out and only had to give a little push twice at the end for her head and then body to help her along.


Not a single tear & only a micro graze...!! Peter & I lifted her out of the water together and he cut the chord. It was truly the most incredible moment.