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Nicola's Birth Story

Baby Grace

I’d heard about hypnobirthing before I was pregnant, and knew that when If I were to have a baby that I’d like to give it a go!

I was worried it may be a bit airy fairy, but when I started reading more about it, it made complete sense and I couldn’t wait to begin our course as a couple.
We got stuck into listening to daily relaxation tracks, placed sticky notes with affirmations all over the house, and made a conscious effort to ensure we changed the use of terminology to help shift our mindset and create a positive approach.

By 41+ 6 weeks, I was eager to meet our baby but was still quite enjoying being pregnant...despite the more frequent toilet visits!

Our hospital bags had been packed for weeks (best to do it by 37 weeks!) and both of us were comfortable with our Birth Preferences (also known as a Birth Plan).  We casually made our way to hospital for our induction appointment (this was not in my preferences!) and I kept on saying to myself “my baby will come, when my baby is ready”. It was a surreal journey looking back now. 

Following an examination (these were to be limited as per my preferences) the doctor confirmed I was already 6cm dilated. WOW. I had no idea. Clearly hypnobirthing had got me into such a mindset, that I hadn’t even realised!  After a few hours of being monitored, apparently I was now in active labour and having regular surges (little did I know!). My husband laid out a few of our things in our private room, and dimmed the lights. Everything was going well, and we were very comfortable. The midwife was going through our birth preferences, and asked a few questions to ensure she understood correctly.

 As far as I was aware, my waters still hadn’t broken. I agreed to another examination & then felt a sudden flutter, which took my breath away, and knew I was now getting closer to meet my baby. 

I’d wanted a water birth (if this was an option), so was really pleased to finally be getting into the pool.

The midwife that greeted us at the B birth Suite, had already read our birth preferences, so the lights were dimmed, and she was speaking very softly. My husband set up the room and starting playing our birth playlist. It was so calming, and I was so relaxed. 

I spent the next couple of hours ‘down breathing’ through my surges.

My husband kept me well hydrated and fed me pieces of banana for energy. There were a couple of occasions where I felt such intense pressure, which almost threw me off, but my husband helped me to refocus by saying affirmations together.  After c5 hours I was holding our baby girl in my arms, wanting to do it all over again! 

Looking back, hypnobirthing taught me so much about my body that I didn’t previously know. It was an amazing experience, and one I’d highly recommend doing with a birth partner, as they play such a crucial role in it all too.

I’m so proud of our birthing experience, which was made positive due to the power of hypnobirthing.

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