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Georgina's Birth Story

31st December 2020

Baby Francesca

My husband and I attended Chloe’s virtual course and were both keen to have as relaxing a birth experience as possible. We practiced our hypnobirthing techniques (breathing, essential oils, relaxing massage, scripts) consistently in the run up to our baby’s birth and had decided we wanted a water birth with minimal intervention wherever possible. However, at 36 weeks we went to our final scan to find out our baby was breech. We had a midwife appointment the following week where we were told I would be assessed to see if the baby had turned and whether or not alternative routes would need to be explored.


At 37weeks the baby was still breech. I was given the option of an ECV to try to turn the baby (with a 50% success rate). I tried this 3 times but the baby was wedged under my ribs and would not budge. Disheartened, I was encouraged to book in for a caesarean section for 39weeks with the option of reverting to our initial birth plan if the baby had turned by this point. We went away and researched ways the turn a breech baby – and you name it we tried it – reflexology, upside down yoga, moxibustion, acupuncture, deep breathing, long walks… We continued practicing our hypnobirthing techniques to stay calm and relaxed to try to give the baby as much room to turn as possible. We also re-wrote our birth plan for a c-section trying to stick to as much of our initial birth plan as possible. 


On 31st December we went in for our c-section to find the baby hadn’t moved one jot. So we knew at that point in a few hours we would meet our baby. We discussed our revised birth plan with the surgical team. We requested a ‘natural caesarean’ however were told due to the baby’s position this was not possible. Not wanting to feel disheartened I ploughed on with the rest of my wishes: delayed cord clamping, skin to skin, relaxing music (we used the same music in theatre we had been playing to baby in the womb), dimmed lighting (although this wasn’t possible) and for vitamin K to be administered post birth. We also opted to keep the placenta for encapsulation which the hospital agreed to. I was nervous so played my affirmations for a c-section prior to heading into theatre to keep myself calm and in a positive state of mind.


At 11.37am our baby girl Francesca Olivia Flynn was born and our worlds changed forever. Our beautiful baby girl was presented to us above the curtain and I burst into tears. My husband went to cut the cord and brought her to me, laying her on my chest as I requested. The rest of the time was a blur as they stitched me back up and we were taken to recovery. Although this wasn’t the birth I had dreamed of, it was what my baby girl wanted and I have made my peace with it. On the whole it was a positive experience, largely due to the fact we were able to lean on our hypnobirthing tool kit to remain as relaxed and calm as possible. We still play River Dawn to her today before she goes to sleep and it instantly calms her.


Thank you Chloe for all your help and support in our pregnancy journey