Client Testimonials 

Jade & Geirge 

We cannot recommend Chloe enough. Chloe’s confidence in how she understands her learning material, her amazing personality and genuine compassion for expectant mothers has given us both great confidence in welcoming our baby to the World. 

Every part of the course was backed up with a lot of factual evidence and Chloe was great at explaining everything in an easy to learn way. We really appreciated the effect of hormones and how positivity and mood can have a great impact on the pregnancy. It gave us confidence that Chloe emphasised in great detail that Jade’s body is naturally very capable of delivering her baby in a much calmer way than we originally anticipated after years and years of seeing stressful scenarios in movies.

We were fully engaged from the start. Chloe’s confidence really put us at ease, we grew to realise she was confident as a result of really understanding every aspect of what she was teaching. Chloe is really passionate on how she is guiding expectant mothers to gain the knowledge they need to have the best labour possible. The course really helps to understand how natural birth is and how peaceful it can be if the medical aspect of the birth can be put aside where possible.


Bex & Gil

Chloe is incredible and this course was really invaluable in helping me approach birth with confidence and positivity. Thanks so much Chloe!!

(After the birth) You didn't just give me a positive birth but also the best and most empowering start to motherhood. Thank you! 


Jodie & Russell

I had always wanted to try hypnobirthing and I am so glad I did. Due to this being my first pregnancy I have been really nervous and haven’t been sure what to expect. Chloe has been fantastic and supportive throughout and still continues to check in and be supportive after the course has finished. I would highly recommend Chloe as she just makes you feel at ease and comfortable at all times, my Husband even enjoyed the course and could not believe how much he learnt.


Robyn & Dan 

We can't recommend this course highly enough. Chloe was amazing at guiding us through the process and making us feel equipped and ready. Even in uncertain times like this, feel even a small amount of control can be quite powerful. 


Amey & Dom 

I just want to say how much of an effect this course has had on my partner and I during our first pregnancy!!! It has completely shifted my mind frame of how I will approach labour. Chloe is really amazing and natural at what she does, effortlessly getting so much information across.


Chloe made the sessions so enjoyable and we felt at ease the whole way through, we were encouraged to join in as much as we liked and we felt confident to speak our minds. We had plenty of questions and concerns, but Chloe always gave us the answers and all the reassurance we needed.


The course has made us feel more relaxed and confident for the up and coming birth of our baby in a very natural way. The course and Chloe both emphasise on how capable and in control I can become during the birth of my baby. I can't express how much we appreciate her expertise and support for us to look at childbirth in such a positive and enthusiastic way! 

Rachel & Nick 

We decided to enrol in Chloe’s Hypnobirthing course after hearing really positive things about it through some family friends who had already taken the same course. I had already heard such great things about hypnobirthing so was really keen to learn more with my husband Nick. Each session was really informative and interesting and it resonated straight away in my head as to how it is so beneficial to pregnant women. Although on zoom the sessions were still really interactive and inclusive.

Having given birth to our daughter Tilly five weeks ago now, (writing this while my newborn is breastfeeding!) I can safely say the strategies and techniques we learnt came in really handy not just during labour but also beforehand too. Having stayed in hospital prior to the birth due to some complications, I listened to calming music and some relaxation scripts as well as focusing on my breathing during that time.

I dilated quickly during the birth and surprised myself with what my body was capable of doing! Although things did not go to plan at the end, our beautiful daughter was born and I truly believe that if it was not for Chloe’s course I would not have been able to stay as calm and positive as I did.

Being an anxious person has also made me realise I can use the techniques learnt  and apply them to different situations where necessary.   

Chloe was fab and really down to earth and relatable. We would not hesitate to recommend her course to anyone in the future.

Penny & Tom

Olivia & Peter 

Honestly Chloe I was truly scared about labour before doing your course, scared of the unknown, how I'd handle the pain, what would happen to my body etc etc. But it was the most empowering experience and I felt like superwoman afterwards! 

The whole course completely changed how we thought about birth, the stats, facts and breathing techniques were all brilliant.