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Charlotte's Birth Story

20th October 2020

Baby Lucy

Thank you so much Chloe for making my birth experience such a positive one.

The birthing plan didn’t go as I planned out. I was unable to have a water birth and without the hypnobirthing I would of not been able to stay in the right mindset.

I went in at 1030pm and had to be induced due to my blood pressure and baby heart rate. I was worried about the movements so went to get checked. They told me I wouldn’t be mobile in birth as I’d be on the machine but I could still practice my breathing techniques etc.

They said It could take 3 days to go into labour after being indused and that it would be more painful. That evening after being induced at midnight they put me on the ward and I listened to my prerecorded scripts using the techniques. I told the midwife I was having contractions every few minutes and to her disbelieve I was so calm and she checked I was 4cm and said they can transfer me to the labour ward.

Lewis shortly arrived just 5 hours after being induced. I requested for them to take the induction away which they did, and despite being continued to be monitored on the machine I kept up the breathing techniques. Baby was then born shortly after at 805am.

I had paracetamol and gas and air and only a couple of internal tears.

I stayed in hospital that night and Lucy and I were able to go home the following afternoon.

The best experience, and it was worth every minute. Feel overwhelmed to be able to share a positive birth story after hearing such negative views during my pregnancy.

Thank you so much again